Monday, November 5, 2018

Whatever happened to Starman? SpaceX says he's gone beyond Mars.


Hey, so what happened to Starman? 

It's been nine months since we saw SpaceX's heroic space suit-clad mannequin cruising through space in a Tesla Roadster.

On Feb. 14, we watched Starman disappear into deep space, after being carried carried into orbit by SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket, which launched its maiden flight and landed two of its three main boosters back on Earth — we were there.

And now, he's made it past Mars.

According to a diagram tweeted by SpaceX on Monday, Starman is reasonably close to Mars, but beyond its orbit.

Starman’s current location. Next stop, the restaurant at the end of the

— SpaceX (@SpaceX) November 3, 2018

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