Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Google's ambitious Pixel phones are good enough to make you forget the Nexus


Google's new Pixel phones may be its most ambitious smartphones to date. 

The devices, home to Google Assistant and what Google says is the best smartphone camera ever, are the company's first to launch under a name other than Nexus. While Google emphasized its manufacturer partners with the Nexus line, for Pixel, Google has joined its hardware and software efforts to create the "best Google experience." 

Picking up the Pixel and the Pixel XL, it's clear their time was well spent.

From the moment the first Pixel images leaked, it was apparent the handsets would closely resemble iPhones. This is even more obvious when you see them up close, and that's a good thing. The finish is a lot like that of the iPhone 6 and 6S (Apple's is a tad more glossy), and the bezel looks very close to that of an iPhone, though the bottom part feels large considering there isn't a hardware button.  Read more...

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