Thursday, January 22, 2015

F-5 Tiger jets perform ultra low level flyby pruning trees in the process

Kenyan low pass

This is probably the coolest way to trim your trees.

The video in this post was filmed at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Mombasa (Moi International Airport), one of the airbases in Kenya.

It shows two F-5E Tiger II of the Kenyan Air Force perform an ultra-low level pass on a one-story building at Mombasa, whose effect is also to remove branches from trees surrounding it.

The KAF is equipped with about 20 F-5E and F-5F (two-seat version) Tigers, some of those formerly operating with the Royal Jordanian Air Force and upgraded to F-5EM standard before delivery to Kenya.

The Kenyan Air Force uses the F-5 fighter jets even in the air-to-surface role, carrying rockets and unguided bombs used to carry out attacks on Somali extremists.


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