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American Air Takes Delivery of its First Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

By Benét J. Wilson / Published January 23, 2015

Image Courtesy of JDL Multimedia

Image Courtesy of JDL Multimedia

American Airlines took delivery of its first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner during a small transfer of title process ceremony yesterday at Boeing’s factory in Everett, Washington, and the aircraft, N800AN, is now enroute to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

AA 787-1

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Test Pilot David Hensley. Image Courtesy of American Airlines

Test Pilot David Hensley. Image Courtesy of American Airlines

American Airlines Pilot David Hensley conducted the test flight last week, becoming the first employee to pilot the carrier’s first 787, according to a company newsletter on the event. “I think our pilots are really going to enjoy the airplane,” he said after the flight. “It was very, very quiet. It’s a very comfortable cabin environment, both for our crew and for our passengers.“

EXTRAAmerican Airlines’ 787 Makes First Appearance

The airline has firm orders for 42 787s, with options on another 58. It will take delivery of both the 787-8 and 787-9 as part of the 42 firm orders. Once the plane arrives, the Tech Ops team at American’s maintenance base at DFW will prepare the Dreamliner for flight training and other readiness activities.

AA 787-2

The first 787 is expected to enter revenue service in the second quarter, flying domestically between American’s hubs such as DFW-ORD for several weeks before being launched on international flights. Asia and Latin America are the most obvious markets. The 787 will bring new benefits to American’s network and customers. It has an onboard experience unlike any other airplane including a new Business Cabin product. Schedules and seating configurations have yet to be announced. The aircraft provides improved aerodynamics, advanced engine technology, reduced maintenance requirements, better fuel efficiency and lower overall operating costs.

Flight attendant Joyce Adkins. Image Courtesy of American Airlines

Flight attendant Joyce Adkins. Image Courtesy of American Airlines

The first customer flight — officially called CF-1 — is a chance for specially trained volunteers from Flight Attendant Involvement Teams (FAIT) to scope out the airplane from the inside. Flight attendant Joyce Adkins has participated in these acceptance flights since 2000, and last week rode in American’s first 787 test flight. “We sit in every seat during the flight, and look at everything a customer might touch or use,” she said in the newsletter. “Whatever we write up gets fixed. Typically, anything we want fixed after we take delivery, American has to pay for, so this saves a lot of money.”


EXTRAAmerican Airlines’ First Boeing 787 Takes Flight

Darrel Boyd. Image Courtesy of American Airlines

Darrell Boyd. Image Courtesy of American Airlines

Darrell Boyd is American’s only full-time employee in Everett, Washington. His job, as the airline’s resident representative at Boeing’s aircraft delivery center, is to follow the development of every new aircraft added to American’s fleet, where he ensures that the airplane meets standards before taking ownership.

EXTRAFirst American Airlines 787 Delivery Is Delayed

American claims to have  the youngest fleet of the U.S. global network carriers, with an average aircraft age of 12.3 years. In 2015, it plans to take delivery of an average of two new aircraft per week. The deliveries will make its fleet even younger, more modern and more efficient and will provide a solid foundation for continued improvements in technology, products and services.

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The 787 is scheduled into DFW at 7:07PM CST. American will also accept a new Airbus A319 at the same time. We will have photos and an updated story upon arrival.


Cover image courtesy of American Airlines.

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