Saturday, June 29, 2013

PHOTO: Aircraft fills with fog during Delta Airlines flight in the United States

Smoke fills a Delta Airlines flight from New York [Photo: Reddit]
Here’s an interesting photo from a recent Delta Airlines flight in the United States… imagine boarding an aircraft and seeing this in the cabin!

Posted earlier this week on the popular website Reddit, the photo was taken by user ‘Ficcolo’ during his flight out of JFK International Airport in New York.

“Last night flying out of JFK....this happened and freaked us out. Disco rave flight!” he commented.

Apparently, the fog could be seen while the aircraft was still grounded, and remained visible until the plane had reached cruising altitude. It reached up to the chest level of passengers.

Comments suggest this was due to the hot 90 degree weather New York has been experiencing, coupled with an air conditioning system malfunction.

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“Basic science is able to explain the appearance of the fog in the cabin: hot humid air outside mixing with cool conditioned air from inside the plane, and the mist begins to form,” reported The Daily Mail.

“As the plane takes off, the air pressure in the cabin decreases. The temperature of the air also decreases and if it is rapid enough the air will cool enough for the water in the air to condense instantaneously, forming the fog that the passengers witnessed.”

Although the fog was not considered a safety concern, some passengers were naturally a little concerned. As a result, the captain waived a $7 charge for alcoholic drinks – helping to calm some nerves along the way!

“I was grateful for my tiny bottles of vodka and juice. Worst turbulence ever after such a long Tarmac stay and fogging,” added Ficcolo.

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