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Historical Thursday: The Dynosphere

Historical Thursday: The Dynosphere:

Announced in 1932, the Dynosphere was marketed to be the “automobile killer,” a new mode of transportation that would revolutionize the market by being more reliable and affordable than its 4 wheel counterparts. Popular Science featured the machine on its cover and the world quickly became excited about this revolutionary invention.

white trash repairs - Historical Thursday: The Dynosphere

Fitted with a gasoline engine at its base, it powered the large latticed wheel and pulled it towards itself – pushing the whole machine forward. It could hold up to two people and had the potential to get up to 30mph. There was also a smaller, electric one-man model up for grabs.

white trash repairs - dynosphere

The world was excited to see the machine in actions, and hundreds gathered in the seaside resort of Weston-Super-Mare, England to watch its inventor, Dr. J. A, Purves, take the thing for a ride. Alas, the machine did not live up to its hype. It was unwieldy, large, and because its only way of steering was for the driver to physically lean in a desired direction, had horrible handling. It even ran over a spectator during its maiden drive.

Responding to the objections from consumers, Dr. Purves tried to come up with safer models that could hold more people had better visibility. Unfortunately, the 5-passenger version he concepted never made it past the drawing board and the other models were never made available to the public. A shame.

white trash repairs - dynosphere

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Pictures and Information courtesy of: Untrue Song and Burbia.

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