Thursday, February 2, 2012

Alonso and Massa Receive Matching Ferrari-Red Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8s

Alonso and Massa Receive Matching Ferrari-Red Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8s:

Please do not confuse this with news. It is merely something that happened, about which we’ll make the following comments:

  • Jeep says these custom Grand Cherokee SRT8s were identically prepared. If true, this could be the first time Alonso and Massa were given identical cars.

  • Ferrari Rosso Corsa paint, a matte-black roof, and a red interior look pretty damn good on the SRT8. We’re not loving the red-trimmed seven-slot grille.

  • While this is the first American product to get the Ferrari treatment, it is not the first such Fiat Group mash-up; the Fiat 500–based Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari wore a similar schema di vernice.

  • We’re told the Jeeps wear rear spoilers that have their undersides painted like the Italian flag. This is not a direct tribute to the country, but rather a tribute to the wing on the Ferrari F150th Italia Formula 1 cars, which is itself a nod to the sesquicentennial of Italy’s integration. So, a tribute to a tribute of the original.

  • We predict that these loaners inevitably will be replaced by identical Ferrari-engined Maserati Kubangs, which, conveniently, will be built on this Jeep’s platform and produced in the same Detroit-area plant. Isn’t globalization fun?

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