Monday, June 13, 2011

Video: DIY Magnetic Silly Putty Slowly, Creepily Eats and Digests Magnets

Video: DIY Magnetic Silly Putty Slowly, Creepily Eats and Digests Magnets: "
Magnetic Silly Putty Instructables user Mikeasaurus

Silly Putty is pretty much the best non-Newtonian viscoelastic liquid we can think of--it stretches, it bounces, it transfers ink, it's reminiscent of mussel fibers, and it can be broken with a sharp blow. But what if it's blended with magnetic powder? Turns out magnetic Silly Putty has an unquenchable hunger for magnets.

Instructables posted a guide to creating your own magnetic Silly Putty. It's pretty simple, basically requiring you to slowly fold ferric iron oxide powder (which can be found in art supply shops) into a clump of Silly Putty. After it's been thoroughly magnetized (and dyed black, thanks to the powder), it will stretch and move like a thick liquid magnet, reaching to get to the small magnets used in this video.

It gets a bit unnerving when a magnet is placed directly on the side of the newly magnetic Silly Putty--the Putty seems to eat and then digest the magnet, pulling it inside itself in slow motion like some kind of unfathomable science-fiction horror creature. Make sure to watch until the end to see its creepiness on display.

[Instructables via Gizmodo]


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