Monday, May 9, 2011

VIDEO: Flying the Eclipse 500's Integrated FMS

VIDEO: Flying the Eclipse 500's Integrated FMS: "

EA500 pirep for blog.JPG

The first time I flew the Eclipse Aerospace EA500 back in 2007, I compared it to a magic carpet ride. I flew it again on 28 April (from the backseat), and I still think it's a magic carpet.

With its final slate of upgrades and new IS&S-built avionics, the EA500 is about as complete a package as you could hope for in a small jet, plus it's economical and a lot of fun to fly.

Here's the story Flight International's test pilot Mike Gerzanics wrote in this week's magazine, and here's the video I made during the visit with Eclipse Aerospace in Albuquerque on 28 April. Enjoy


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