Monday, May 9, 2011

The Good Old-fashioned Way of Keeping Secrets

The Good Old-fashioned Way of Keeping Secrets: "Italian TV news station Rainews recently broadcast this intriguing footage of President Barack Obama arriving in Cape Canaveral, Florida and very discreetly exchanging pieces of paper with Air Force General Ed Wilson, Commander, 45th Space Wing. The timing of this exchange is interesting: it was on April 29 the same day Obama had given the go-ahead for Operation Neptune's Spear.

Could it have been something to do with the operation being planned in Pakistan? Whatever it was, it had obviously been pre-arranged because not only did the President slip Wilson a piece of paper but he received one in exchange.

And as we know information exchanged by data link can be recuperated but what has been written on a piece of paper that's been burnt or chewed up and swallowed is information that nobody will ever get their hands on!

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