Monday, February 11, 2019

What it's like to walk with Google Maps in augmented reality


I'm walking down San Francisco's Market Street toward a coffee shop using Google Maps when giant arrows pop up on my phone.

I'm supposed to turn right on Front Street. The directions are hard to miss in the new Google Maps augmented reality mode. The large animated arrows make it clear with a glance which direction I should head. It looks something like this:

Animations show you where to go.

Image: google

The feature came out Monday for select "local guides" who add new locations, rate businesses, take photos, and more for Google Maps. It'll be on more guides' phones in the coming days, although regular users shouldn't expect it soon. For now, it's being tested for feedback, and the look and feel of the feature is expected to change. It's also strictly for walking directions — not for driving. Read more...

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