Wednesday, November 21, 2018

What is Samsung Ambient Mode and how does it work?


This past summer, Samsung thought it would be a good idea to break folks' TVs in the United Kingdom. It wasn't real, of course – it was an attempt to show off a core feature of its 2018 lineup: Ambient Mode.

It spiked some interest in the feature, leading people to wonder – what does it actually do, exactly?

I was wondering the same thing, so I paid a visit to Samsung's loft in NYC – a full showroom meant to resemble a real apartment, right in the Meatpacking District. The cozy loft came complete with appliances and other niceties, including QLED TVs. 

I was shown a demo of a 65-inch QLED TV with Ambient Mode. This feature is Samsung's answer to transforming a television into an organic part of your living space instead of just sitting there taking up space.  Read more...

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