Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The World’s Most Expensive Cruise Will Be the First to Stop on All 7 Continents

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Love cruises?  It’s time to start saving for the trip of a lifetime!  The luxury cruise line Silversea Cruises has announced the first-ever cruise to hit all 7 continents.

Now’s your chance to journey from sunny Fort Lauderdale, to the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, across the Pacific Ocean, through the Pacific Islands and Australia, around Southeast Asia, making your way through the Suez Canal, and eventually ending up in Amsterdam by way of Rome, Spain, Ireland, Norway, and the UK!

The Cruise Is 140 Days Long.  Folks Prone to Seasickness Need Not Apply!

The Silversea World Cruise 2020 will set sail on January 6, 2020, from Fort Lauderdale.  And will stop into 62 ports over the 140-day journey.

Sound incredible?  Well, the price is pretty incredible too…and not in a good way.  You’ll have to fork out $62,000 per person for a standard cabin, on up to $250,000 for the most luxurious cabin.

That just a mere 6,200,000 Capital One Venture miles for those hoping to use up your stash of credit card rewards. 😉

Now if you’re looking for the world’s longest cruise, that will set you back $93,000 per person.  On Viking Cruises’ Viking Sun trip, you’ll visit 113 ports around the world during your 245 days aboard.  But unfortunately, the itinerary doesn’t include Antarctica.

What do you think?  Does a cruise to every continent sound like a dream come true?

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