Sunday, September 16, 2018

Japanese Company Introduces $46 Business Class Fare…to Nowhere

Did you ever imagine flying from Japan to Hawaii after work at 5 and still being able to make it to your dinner reservations in Tokyo at 7:30?  It sounds a bit far-fetched, but Japan’s new virtual reality airline experience now allows you to do exactly that.

Of course you’ll need an actual airline to get to Japan.  But luckily, it’s easy with miles & points!

The process with First Air, Japan’s first virtual airline, is almost exactly the same as a standard flight. The only difference is while you’re sitting in a business class seat, watching the flight map chart your course and listening to the engines roar, you’re not going anywhere.

Customers will still receive a boarding pass with their seat assignment upon arrival at the “gate.”  There are seats in both business class and first class available for purchase.  One of the highlights of this virtual reality flight is the coursed out meal prepared by master chefs and featuring the local cuisine of your destination.

Fresh and Delicious Meals are a Highlight of the Virtual Flight Experience!

First Air offers a luxury “flight experience,” and might also serve another (unintentional) purpose.  As a person who loves to travel, but is simultaneously easily freaked out at the smallest bump on a flight, this virtual reality airline seems like it could help those who are also somewhat scared to fly.  Sitting in business-class, enjoying a chef-made full course meal, and relaxing in a comfortable seat in the virtual sky might just help calm those who have a fear of flying.

With flights to a long list of major destinations including Paris, Rome, New York, and Hawaii, this is also a great place to practice the entire process of a flight with young children in preparation for the real thing.

Or maybe you’re looking for a creative date idea while visiting Tokyo?  For $46 apiece, with a multi-course meal included, relaxing in a comfortable seat with ambient engine noise lulling you into a light nap might be the perfect break from your hectic travel itinerary.

Although taking a flight to nowhere is kind of my worst nightmare (I struggle with fear of flying, although I know it’s a necessary part of travel) if this sounds like it’s something you’d like to try, add it to your bucket list!

Have you ever tried a virtual reality experience?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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