Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Clone Wars: iPhone X copycats battle for notch supremacy

<em>iPhone X and Asus Zenfone 5.</em>

Former Tottenham Hotspur soccer player Ledley King looked slightly sheepish as he pulled down the massive red curtain to reveal a new phone, and not just because it got stuck on a hook. And who could blame him? Behind the curtain was a picture of Tottenham’s star lineup, including current Premier League top goalscorer Harry Kane with a pained expression on his face and an uncannily familiar phone in his hand.

Above Kane's head read the slogan: “Android Oreo Notch Display”.

That’s right: the notch is now a selling point. Kane’s supposed phone, the Leagoo S9 Pro, is just one of a tide of iPhone X clones that have swept through Mobile World Congress this week, often from little-known Chinese manufacturers competing to get products out as...

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