Saturday, January 6, 2018

Here comes faster 802.11ax Wi-Fi

Intel announced this week that it’ll have chips ready within the year for the next generation of Wi-Fi — what’s known as 802.11ax. This new generation is supposed to be faster, of course, but mostly it’s meant to perform better in environments with lots and lots of connected devices; so things like public hotspots, but also your house if you just have a ton of phones and tablets and smart gadgets lying around.

But even though Intel says it’s going to start shipping 802.11ax chips for routers and “consumer retail devices” this year, it’ll be a while longer before most (or even many) of us are connecting to the internet on faster Wi-Fi.

“We don’t expect to see mass adoption of 802.11ax in products until 2019.”

The Wi-Fi Alliance, an...

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