Thursday, January 4, 2018

'Bomb cyclone' leads to historic coastal flooding in Massachusetts


Snow may be dominating headlines in the wake of Thursday's "bomb cyclone," but coastal flooding has proven to be another serious danger in places along the East Coast.

In addition to blizzard conditions, Massachusetts has been walloped with the combination of astronomical high tides and strong onshore winds up to 75 mph. The resulting coastal flooding reached record levels in Boston, with severe flooding reported all along the coast. 

Flood waters took over sidewalks and streets, trapped cars, and shut down subway stations. The  severity of the floods, which met or possibly exceeded the region's benchmark storm from 1978, was caused by a combination of high astronomical tides from Monday's supermoon, the timing of the storm that brought the strongest winds onto the coast at high tide, and a rising sea level over the past few decades. Read more...

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