Saturday, December 23, 2017

Mark Wahlberg does a pretty good job decoding Boston slang

To promote his new movie All the Money in the World, Mark Wahlberg went on camera to translate some regional Boston slang. He starts with "Hoodsie," then moves on to "Masshole," "packie," "the Garden," "clicker," 'jimmies," "the Monster," "Dunkees," "wicked," "pissa," "Nor'easter," "bang a uey," "triple decker," "pockabook," and "shiesty."

Now, I'm originally from Massachusetts (a Cape Codder) and was half-expecting to hate this video. Instead, it brought me back a little and put a big smile on my face. He really nailed it when he was explaining how his dad went every day to the package store to "get some coffee brandy, a six pack of Schlitz, and then some Certs." Though, my dad was more of a Narragansett kind of guy. The packie he went to was (and probably still is) filled with taxidermied animals.

Some notes:

-- I have a minor correction for Mr. Wahlberg. Sir, you probably haven't had a "Hoodsie" ice cream in years because you've forgotten that you eat them with little flat wooden spoons, not the package's top. Don't make me come take away your Mass. card. Nah, just kidding. You're busy making movies and stuff.

-- In our house, we said "zip-zap" or "zapper" (pronounced "zappah"), not "clicker."

-- Whoa! Where I grew up "jimmies" were definitely NOT condoms. In fact, I've never heard of that use before. The "jimmies" that I know are chocolate sprinkles that you eat on ice cream.

-- I've never seen "pockabook" written out like that. I'm sure they did it for effect. A pocketbook is a purse.

-- One that wasn't included is "bubbler." A "bubbler" (again, pronounced without the 'r') is a drinking water fountain.

-- Another missing one: Fluffernutter. I mean, c'mon. The good state of Massachusetts once proposed it to be its official sandwich.

Dangit, now I'm homesick.

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