Friday, December 8, 2017

If you believe the Amazon reviews for this ridiculous $9,000 Swiss army knife, it can basically do everything


If you're looking to give someone a very one of a kind, expensive, dangerous, and unnecessary gift this holiday season, why not purchase the Wegner 16999 Swiss Army Giant?

This over the top knife metal thing is made up 87 implements and apparently has 141 functions — that is if you can even figure out an actual safe and adequate use for it. 

The Swiss Army Giant consists of all sorts of knives, a compass, a nail clipper, a magnifying glass, a wire cutter, and more meshed altogether.

It's intense. Just take a look for yourself.


Image: Amazon

With a product as unique and pricey as this one (it costs a roughly $8,999.99), you know the reviews will be filled with trolling.  Read more...

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