Friday, April 7, 2017

The coder who built Mastodon is 24, fiercely independent, and doesn’t care about money


Mastodon, that giant cartoon mammal that's been rampaging across the internet this week, is not the product of a Silicon Valley start-up.

Instead, the social networking app that's been touted as a potential Twitter-killer is the brainchild of a 24-year-old recent college grad hellbent on disrupting the way we think about social networking.

As the wildly popular service's German-born founder Eugen Rochko said Thursday via the gamer chat service Discord, it aims to operate on a "different paradigm" to established sites.

Mastodon, named for the extinct animal and not the metal band despite Rochko being a fan of the band and progressive metal, was announced on Hacker News in October. "I decided to give this a go," Rochko said during the late-night call.  Read more...

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