Saturday, April 1, 2017

787-10 first flight

The first flight of a new airplane is one of the most exciting moments here at Boeing. And I hope you were able to tune into today’s webcast of the 787-10’s first flight at Boeing South Carolina.


The 787-10 takes off on its first flight.

While the weather forecast looked dire all week, the storms ended and our pilots were able to get the airplane up a few minutes earlier than planned.


Air to air photo of the 787-10 during its maiden flight.


Flying over the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston.

For four hours and 58 minutes, Captains Tim Berg and Mike Bryan put the 787-10 through its paces by performing tests on flight controls, systems and handling qualities. Both said the airplane handled beautifully.


Thumbs up after a successful first flight.

Thanks to our employees, our customers and our suppliers for helping us reach this milestone. Please enjoy the highlights webpage featuring more photos and video.
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