Thursday, February 23, 2017

The sci-fi propulsion system that will get us to TRAPPIST-1 fastest


800,000 years: That's how long (buzzkill) astronaut Scott Kelly said it'll take us to get to the TRAPPIST-1 star system and its seven newly-discovered, potentially life-supporting, Earth-sized worlds.

That timeline, Kelly also notes, is using our current propulsion systems. Which max out at a robust, but not interstellar-ready 29,000 mph.

But what if we could traverse those 235 trillion miles (40 light years) with some other technology—like something from the world of science fiction?

This is awesome! Send me! Be there in 800,000 years w our current propulsion technology. More work to do. Let's get on it! #TRAPPIST1

— Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) February 22, 2017

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