Wednesday, February 1, 2017

SpaceX gets closer to its first re-use of a recovered Falcon 9 rocket

c3irnyvxuaagdve-jpg-large SpaceX just shared some promising news for those eager to see the private space company achieve its goal of re-flying a rocket it recovered from an earlier mission: It has succeeded in running a static test firing of a recovered Falcon 9 first-stage, a key step towards actually using the rocket component again in another mission for an actual paying customer. The company tweeted a photo of… Read More
Techcrunch?d=2mJPEYqXBVI Techcrunch?d=7Q72WNTAKBA Techcrunch?d=yIl2AUoC8zA Techcrunch?i=oFtrvZCDcmw:nxBmR5t1aNQ:-BT Techcrunch?i=oFtrvZCDcmw:nxBmR5t1aNQ:D7D Techcrunch?d=qj6IDK7rITs

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