Thursday, February 23, 2017

Here’s The New Mercedes W08 Up Close

Following the new Mercedes W08 breaking cover at the Silverstone circuit, the 2017 Formula 1 car has now been officially launched and it’s a beauty.

Hamilton giving the W08 a shakedownHamilton giving the W08 a shakedown

Mercedes has given us a closer look at the stunning W08 that Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas will race this year with official on-track shots and launch pictures.

Hamilton braved Storm Doris in the morning to complete a shakedown run of the W08 EQ Power+ (yep, that’s it’s full name) at the home of the British Grand Prix, providing us with our first glimpse of the new car.

Why hello thereWhy hello there

Social media went crazy with photos of the new car, which is undoubtedly the most sleek and elegant-looking of the 2017 beasts unveiled so far – while still being incredibly detailed too.

It was then properly showed off to the fans in an online, 360-degree unveiling (watching it back is great for looking at the finer details) before a photoshoot on the breezy main straight.

Bottas has now had a go in the W08 too, getting his first taste of the machine that’ll probably take the 2017 title.

Alongside the new look, the car also features a revised livery (which was teased on Wednesday) with more flashes of green and some hints of blue too. It’s pretty similar to 2016 but a bit more vibrant.

Photoshoot time!Photoshoot time!Up close!Up close!

Mercedes is on the hunt for a fourth consecutive championship double after three seasons of domination.

Will the Silver Arrows be the team to beat this year? It seems likely, but we’ll have to wait and see.

No thumb nose for the W08!No thumb nose for the W08!

The 2017 campaign marks a major shift in the regulations, with wider front and rear wings and 25% wider tyres – to name just a few.

Sauber, Renault and Force India have already revealed their new cars, with very different interpretations of the rules.

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