Friday, January 13, 2017

Watch SpaceX’s first launch since its September 2016 rocket explosion here

iridium_l-1-31 SpaceX is launching its first mission since a Falcon 9 rocket exploded on a launch pad during preflight routines in September of last year. The launch is set to take place Saturday, January 14 at 9:54:39 AM PT, or 12:54:39 PM ET. A Falcon 9 rocket will carry 10 Iridium NEXT satellites, designed to form the base of a mobile voice and data network that will eventually include 70 satellites in… Read More
Techcrunch?d=2mJPEYqXBVI Techcrunch?d=7Q72WNTAKBA Techcrunch?d=yIl2AUoC8zA Techcrunch?i=Y53yo1wLQDg:oJjX74Q-aIA:-BT Techcrunch?i=Y53yo1wLQDg:oJjX74Q-aIA:D7D Techcrunch?d=qj6IDK7rITs

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