Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The anti-trust lawsuit that could shape the future of smartphones

Qualcomm is in trouble.

For most, those words probably mean next to nothing, but if you know much about the technology within your smartphone, it means a great deal. Qualcomm builds many of the key components of the world's smartphones — specifically, the modems and often the processors, too. It's also the dominant vendor in both categories.

To smartphone users, the difference between a phone that uses a chip or modem from Qualcomm and some other brand is often measured in seconds — how long it takes to launch an app or call up a webpage, for instance. To the industry, it's measured in billions of dollars — the reward for making deals to get your technology into the hands of millions of people. And in the future, the difference could play a role in the 5G race.  Read more...

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