Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Google becoming a hardware manufacturer isn't a threat — yet


Not everyone liked the Google Glass — even the tech giant itself admitted regrets in how it executed on the hardware push. Last month, it closed Project Ara, its initiative to build a modular smartphone. 

The six-year-old Nexus program proved more fruitful, but as of this week, Google has no more plans for a new Nexus phone or tablet, The Verge reported.

But Alphabet Inc. isn't abandoning hardware. Rather, it's going all in on a new strategy: Offer everything under one brand name. 

On Tuesday at an event in San Francisco, Google revealed its program called "Made By Google." The homepage of its new website is a tribute to a suite of products: Phones, home speakers, Wi-Fi routers, virtual reality headsets and a new TV device.  Read more...

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