Sunday, March 27, 2016

Supersonic Aerodynamics

Years ago, the X-15 was an experimental aircraft for testing futuristic supersonic and hypersonic space plane concepts such as the space shuttle orbiter.

I used Stallion 3D to do a quick comparison of an X-15 CAD model at  two flight Mach numbers, M=3.5 and M=6.0.  The model of the X-15 was taken from NASA OpenVSP hanger.  The results are shown below:

    X-15:  In the top picture M=3.5.  The Mach number is 6.0 in the picture at the bottom.

The following link has a very interesting article on the X-15 aerodynamics:  If you are interested in developing airplane concepts, NASA OpenVSP is a good option.  More information can be found at

The .stl output of OpenVSP can be read directly in Stallion 3D for rapid aerodynamics analysis (no external grid generation).  More information can be found at

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