Thursday, January 14, 2016

Max Verstappen drove his F1 car on a ski slope and didn't die

Max Verstappen was a total breath of fresh air last year in Formula One. At 17, he was the youngest driver to ever start an F1 race, a record he'll likely hold for a long time. (Shortly after he gained his super license from the FIA, the organization changed the minimum age to 18.) He was not only a competitive driver, he was also a stubborn personality, refusing to let teammates pass him, and generally bucking the recent trend of forgettable F1 personalities.

I imagined Verstappen, who won the official F1 Personality of the Year award, would take the offseason to wind down a little before focusing his efforts on an even better 2016. Boy was I wrong.

What's an offseason, anyway?

A handful of videos were published to...

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