Thursday, December 17, 2015

British Airways’ burnt 777 to fly again

The British Airways 777-200ER which caught fire at Las Vegas in September is going to fly again. Following on the NTSB incident report which suggested that the "left engine and pylon, left fuselage structure and inboard left wing … were substantially damaged by the fire" the carrier says that it has completed its inspection and, along with Boeing, believes the repair costs are reasonable enough to avoid scrapping the hull. The damage is now being described as "limited and suitable for repair."

Closer view of the damage on the left side of the plane

View of the damage on the left side of the plane

It is expected that initial repair work will take place at McCarran, including the installation of a new engine and some hull repair. The aircraft will then be flown to a maintenance facility where additional work will be performed before a return to commercial service.

Count me amongst those surprised by this move. With the cost of used 777s plummeting on the open market I had guessed that it would be cheaper to scrap this one rather than pay to repair and recertify it, and I was not alone in that prediction. Oopsie.

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