Sunday, September 13, 2015

American Airlines accidentally used the wrong plane to fly to Hawaii

This goes without saying, but planes aren't like socks. You can't mix and match them. Each is uniquely identified and has a precise schedule with the airlines. That's why it's pretty shocking to hear that American Airlines used the wrong plane on August 31st to fly over a hundred passengers from LA to Honolulu on flight 31.

Passengers in Los Angeles boarded and took off in an Airbus A321. That's the right model of plane, but it wasn't exactly the right plane. Not only did this A321 have a different tail number from the plane that should have flown the route, but it wasn't certified to fly a long over-water route.

It was an Airbus, but not the right Airbus

Specifically, the A321 variant used by American Airlines lacked ETOPS...

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