Tuesday, August 11, 2015

F1 Reveals Top 5 Overtakes From The Last 5 Years

This year Formula One has finally started to embrace modern media with a new website, an active Twitter and Instagram account as well as a YouTube channel.

Just recently on Twitter, F1 asked fans to vote for their top five overtakes from the last five years and here’s what they voted for…

5. Fernando Alonso on Felipe Massa and Mark Webber – Brazil 2012


4. Kimi Raikkonen on Michael Schumacher – Belgium 2012


3. Sebastian Vettel on Fernando Alonso – Britain 2014


2. Felipe Massa on Bruno Senna – Singapore 2012


1. Mark Webber on Fernando Alonso – Belgium 2011


You can watch the whole top five in this video on the FORMULA 1 Youtube channel.

Do you agree with the top five? What is your favourite overtake from the last 5 years?

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