Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nepal earthquake may have raised all of Kathmandu by 3 to 6 feet


A European satellite has found that the deadly earthquake in Nepal raised the city of Kathmandu by one to two meters (three to six feet), with large amounts of horizontal movement as well

Teams of scientists at several institutions, including the German Aerospace Center, used data from the European Satellite Agency's Sentinal-1 satellite to calculate how the ground shifted both horizontally and vertically during the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. The magnitude 7.8 earthquake — the strongest to strike the country in more than 80 years — killed at least 5,000 when it struck on April 25

The satellite uses a powerful radar system to detect small changes in land elevation and movement, which is part of a project known as INSARAP. The scientists compared a satellite pass over the area after the earthquake to data collected in the same region earlier in April, prior to the quake Read more...

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