Friday, April 24, 2015

Firefighter fights flamethrower with firehose, raises questions

In this video, a person who appears to be a firefighter uses a shielded firehose to battle a high-powered flamethrower. At 13 seconds, you can take a moment to watch the entire thing without feeling as if part of your day has been lost to the latest scrimmage in the timeless war of the elements.

Now I'll be fielding questions, because surely you have many:

Is that a firefighter or merely someone who has acquired a firefighter uniform?

An excellent query. As you might know, going head to head with a flamethrower isn't standard firefighter behavior. I have firefighters in my family, so I can say confidently that many if not most firefighters prefer to use their free time watching sporting events, grilling red meats, and pontooning with...

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