Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Watch a Carbon-tastic Tour of the McLaren 650S “Project Kilo”

2015 McLaren 650S "Project Kilo"

A couple of weeks back, we pondered over the naming origins of the one-off McLaren 650S “Project Kilo”, which was custom-tailored to a mystery buyer’s every demand by the British automaker’s Special Operations division. Now, YouTuber Shmee150 gives us a guided tour of every little carbon-fiber detail that sets this car apart from the standard 650S. There’s a lot of carbon fiber.

In typical fashion, this Shmee video is a bit hard to watch due to the shaky one-handed camera setup, but a little video vertigo is a small price to pay for an up-close look at a one-off supercar you’ll never encounter in person. Shmee also goes into more detail on the thinking behind the car’s name, which we also delved into in our first look at the car. Basically, the carbon-fiber bits shave some weight—so, kilos—from the already-svelte supercar, the owner’s first name starts with K, and the letter is also meant to bring to mind New Zealand–born Bruce McLaren’s kiwi heritage.

Kiwi cues abound throughout the car, with Bruce McLaren’s trademark fat-bird cartoon logo showing up in the door sills, on the engine cover, and even on the supercar’s key.

2015 McLaren 650S "Project Kilo"

2015 McLaren 650S "Project Kilo"

One-off customer-spec supercars often end up being tasteless exercises in showoffery, but we really dig Project Kilo and its purposeful use of carbon fiber and its gray-with-orange color scheme, which offers just enough visual pop without being garish. If we had the money, we’d probably order our own MSO-fettled 650S nearly identically.

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