Saturday, February 14, 2015

Nearly Free Private Jet Flights for Valentine’s Day!

If you’re a procrastinator and haven’t made any plans for Valentine’s day, this might be something worth looking in to! Jetsmarter is a company that provides private jet services throughout the US, Canada, and Bahamas, and all their flights are bookable through their mobile application. They’re currently running a promotion where for Valentine’s Day only, you can get their “Empty Leg” flights for $0, plus the $4 per-segment fee.

Private jet companies like this are able to offer deep discounts on these Empty Leg flights, which are nothing more than positioning flights for their next actual service. For example, their plane is in Los Angeles but they received a request to fly someone from Las Vegas to San Francisco. To get the plane from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, a route they need to fly anyway, they offer a deep discount for the service.

This Valentine’s promotion has made certain routes/segments completely free, plus the $4 fee. And yes – you get the entire plane to yourself for that route. Note that all of these flights are one-way flights, so you’ll have to find your own way back.

If you’re luck enough to live in one of the markets where these flights are available, this would be a very unique way to treat your significant other for Valentine’s Day. I don’t think I have to make any suggestions as to what activities can be done in the air in your own private jet ;).

Simply download the app for iPhone or Android app, register (for free), and select “Empty Legs” from the home screen. You’ll see several listed at $0. Then just go ahead and book it directly through the app!

The Jetsmarter home screen. Select "Empty Legs" to view the cheap flights.

The Jetsmarter home screen. Select “Empty Legs” to view the cheap flights.

Find one that says $0, and you're golden!

Find one that says $0, and you’re golden!

Keep in mind there’s only ONE plane per segment, so if someone else books the one you’re eying, you’re out of luck because it’s not coming back anytime soon.

Note that this service usually operates on a membership basis, with a membership costing $7K a year. This is not worth it for most of us, but they do have non-member pricing as well.

Happy Travels, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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