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Airbus Versus Boeing: The Numbers for 2014

By Benét J. Wilson / Published January 12, 2015

Boeing managed to hold onto the title of the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world, with 723 jet deliveries in 2014, compared with 629 for Airbus. But as it reported earlier today, Airbus barely won the net orders battle, posting 1,456 orders in 2014 versus Boeing’s total of 1,432.

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The Boeing twin-aisle family. Image courtesy of Boeing

The Boeing twin-aisle family. Image courtesy of Boeing

Looking into the numbers, Boeing reported a record $232.7 billion in commercial net orders and grew its backlog to a historic high of 5,789 airplanes. Airbus reported its own record backlog of 6,386 aircraft, valued at $919.3 billion.

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In the narrowbody segment, Boeing won orders for 1,104 737s in 2014 from customers including Ryanair at 105, and Air Canada at 61. Airbus won orders 1,321 aircraft in the A319/320/321 segment to customers including 100 A321neos to American Airlines and 90 A320ceos to China Southern Airlines. In the very large jet segment, Boeing received 19 747-8 orders, while the Airbus A380 posted a net order of 13 aircraft.

The Airbus narrowbody fleet. Image Courtesy of Airbus

The Airbus narrowbody fleet. Image Courtesy of Airbus

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The real battle in 2014 was between the manufacturers’ twin-engined widebodies. The 777 posted 283 orders, while the 787 had 41 in 2014. The largest order for the 777 came from Emirates, with 150 of the 777X. For the 787, the largest order in 2014 was for 29 from an undisclosed customer. In total, Boeing posted 328 widebody orders during the year, while Airbus posted 135 orders.

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Airbus recorded 174 orders for the A330 family and 57 orders for the A350. AirAsiaX ordered 55 A330-900s and Delta Air Lines ordered 25. A350 launch customer Qatar Airways took delivery of the first of its 80 orders on December 22, while Etihad ordered 40 of the type.

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