Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Would you let North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un pilot your plane? Then watch him flying a small bizjet.

Capt Kim Jong Un

Footage released by Pyongyang shows North Korea’s Supreme Leader at the controls of a small jet

Unlike his father Kim Jong-il, who was scared of flying after a helicopter crash in 1976, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is not only flying his “Air Force One”, regularly visiting North Korean Air Force units, greeting first female fighter pilots, but he is also personally flying some aircraft (apparently a business jet).

This is what a documentary just released by the Regime seems to suggest.

The clip shows the 31-year old Supreme Leader sitting inside the cockpit, reviewing the checklist, then take off and eventually land (under the supervision of a real pilot).

H/T Guido Olimpio for the heads-up


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