Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ecoDemonstrator's new mission

ZA004 took to the skies again on Monday serving as our 787 ecoDemonstrator. The airplane is now testing more than 25 new technologies aimed at improving environmental performance during every phase of flight.


The 787 ecoDemonstrator prepares for its flight from Boeing Field. All photos by John Parker.

These technologies include operational efficiency, aerodynamic and flight-control improvements for greater fuel efficiency, remote sensors to remove wiring, and icephobic wing coatings to reduce ice accumulation.


Other tests include NASA airborne spacing for terminal arrival routes to improve landing efficiency, new greenhouse gas sensors evaluated in collaboration with Japan Airlines and others, as well as real-time turbulence reports generated in collaboration with Delta Air Lines to mitigate turbulence.


We’re excited to test these technologies and look forward to getting the results.

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