Friday, November 7, 2014

Caterham Trying To Return At Abu Dhabi With Crowdfunding

Caterham Crowdfunding

Brabham recently announced a crowdfunding project to get them back to Formula One. Now, Caterham have followed suit in the hope of getting back into the sport for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and presumably take the money that Bernie‘s promised as well as taking Marussia’s prize money.

The Caterham F1 Team is launching the #RefuelCaterhamF1 to power the team to go racing in Abu Dhabi and hopefully beyond. The team is giving both fans and sponsors a unique opportunity to be the driving force behind the team by crowdfunding its return to the grid in exchange for once in a lifetime rewards.

Prizes include anything from a baseball cap right up to nose cones and car parts or even your own branding on the car.

Screenshot 2014-11-07 at 16.40.30

Find out what’s on offer and how the project goes over at Crowdcube.

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