Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Service with a smile

During my swing through China this past week, I got to experience something special. I had the honor of flying on Xiamen Airlines’ first 787 revenue flight.


Here’s me boarding the first Xiamen 787 commercial flight.

The flight, from Fuzhou to Beijing, was full of excited passengers and crew. The flight was smooth, the service was outstanding and the airplane itself is beautiful.


Service with a smile. The great crew on Xiamen’s 787.


I was joined on board by Lucy Yi, dressed in white, our sales director for Xiamen.

Xiamen wasted no time in putting this airplane into service after taking delivery on August 29. The airline will use the 787 on long-haul routes from its Fujian province base to Europe, North America and Australia.

Thanks to everyone at Xiamen for their hospitality.

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