Wednesday, August 13, 2014

PHOTOS: ANA 787-9 First Commercial Flight

By Airchive Staff / Published August 12, 2014

ANA completed its first commercial passenger flight on August 7th, operating flight 241 from Tokyo Haneda to Fukuoka with close to 395 aboard.
IMG_9699 DSC_6656
D06A0943 DSC_6657

The airplane, delivered a few weeks back, is the first to see commercial service. It will be consigned to domestic service (outlined below). Future aircraft will be configured for long-haul international routes to Europe and North America sometime in 2015.

NH241 Tokyo (Haneda) 7:25 Fukuoka
NH248 Fukuoka
Tokyo (Haneda) 11:50
NH25 Tokyo (Haneda) 13:00 Osaka(Itami) 14:05 NH30 Osaka(Itami) 15:00 Tokyo (Haneda) 16:15
NH595 Tokyo (Haneda) 17:15 Matsuyama 18:40 NH598 Matsuyama 19:30 Tokyo (Haneda) 21:00

Related, Air New Zealand became the second to utilize the jet in commercial service on August 9th, flying between Auckland and Sydney. It had originally been scheduled to be the first, but ANA beat the Kiwi-carrier to the post at the last minute.


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