Sunday, July 20, 2014

Looking to the future

We kicked off Day 2 of the Farnborough Airshow by showing what the future holds when it comes to the 777X passenger experience.


Here’s a look at what the future holds inside the 777X.

We’ll build on the interior of today’s 777 and apply 787 Dreamliner cabin innovations, including:

  • A cabin altitude of 6,000 feet, comparable to the 787

  • Windows that are more than 15 percent larger than the competition

  • A cabin that is 16 inches wider than the competition

  • Higher cabin humidity, comparable to the 787

  • Enhanced air filtration, next-generation LED lighting, and lower cabin noise

The rest of Day 2 included three more customer announcements and the 787-9 flying display.

By the way, there’s been some speculation that a video showing the 787-9 practicing for the air show over Moses Lake, Washington was computer generated animation. I can tell you for certain that it is actually very real— and quite spectacular. We used a helicopter to capture what this airplane is fully capable of. See the video below— followed a recap of Day 2 in photos.


Air Lease Corporation ordered 26 airplanes - six 777-300ERs and reconfirmed 20 737 MAX 8s.


Intrepid Aviation announced the leasing company’s first direct Boeing order for six 777-300ERs.


CIT Group Inc. announced that CIT Aerospace placed an order for 10 787-9 Dreamliners.


Paying a visit to the 787-9 before its flying display.


Tasty tomatoes at a great little Italian place close to the air show.


Now that’s a great pizza.

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