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Report: Tesla to be named Tuosule in China

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Tesla is not Tesla anymore, at least in China. The Palo Alto-based manufacturer has apparently given up on the fight over its name, for the time being. The name "Tesla" was trademarked by one Zhan Baosheng in 2006, while the American EV company didn't attempt to claim it until 2009 (we reported on this development a few weeks back).

Of course, trademark squatters aren't really a new thing, particularly in China. Earlier this month, we told you about a car company that is attempting to patent a Volkswagen design before the German manufacturer could even bring it to market.

Since the California electric car manufacturer can't go by Tesla in the Asian automotive market, it's reportedly elected to be known as "Tuosule." First reported by InAutoNews, the Tuosule name apparently comes from a transliteration of "Tesla" to a dialect of Chinese spoken in Hong Kong. This was the second time Tesla has gone to court over its name. The first time was to reclaim the name "Tesla Motors," which it achieved by purchasing the name from its owner, Qiao Weiwei, but that name apparently isn't licensed for automotive use.

According to the report, Tesla offered Baosheng $326,000 for the name, but he had a different number in mind - $32 million. Tesla hasn't given up the fight, though, arguing that because Baosheng has no plans to use it, he should be forced to give up the copyright.

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