Sunday, June 16, 2013

VIDEO: Bombardier aircraft crashes into airport hangar during engine test

VIDEO: Bombardier aircraft crashes into airport hangar during engine test:
A Canadair Bombardier Challenger crashes into airport hangarEngine tests are usually considered non-eventful in the aviation industry – they’re basically a routine task that happens behind the scenes.

However, a recent engine test in California was far from non-eventful. In fact, it’s being covered by international media for all the wrong reasons.

During this particular engine test, a Canadair Bombardier Challenger aircraft was placed on a ramp at Chino Airport, with rubber stops in place to prevent the regional jet from moving.

Unfortunately, it rolled over the rubber stops and eventually crashed into a hangar. The photo on this page shows the severity of the incident, and there’s video footage below too.

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After the crash, there were obvious concerns about a fuel leak, which led to various evacuations in nearly structures and buildings. As a precaution, a team of fire-fighters and at least four ambulances rushed to the scene.

Thankfully there was no fuel leak and nobody was injured, not even the three mechanics who were onboard the aircraft at the time.

"The plane was chalked on the ramp area while undergoing an engine run-up test. At some point, the plane jumped the chalks and ran into the hangar,” commented Ian Gregor, spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, in a statement. "The plane was not intended for flight."

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