Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mapping The Movement Of Every Ball In A Tennis Match [Infographic]

Mapping The Movement Of Every Ball In A Tennis Match [Infographic]:

Tennis Ball Trajectories
Corona Perspectives
It's so pretty!
Tennis is already one of the most high-tech, closely monitored sports in the world, from high-speed cameras that swoop around the court to digital refereeing that can see if a ball traveling at 150 miles per hour glanced a line by a millimeter. But this visualization is something we haven't seen before.
Corona Perspectives--yeah, this is a semi-advertising tactic from a mediocre beer manufacturer--took three professional male singles matches and mapped the complete trajectory of every shot, from racquet to racquet. This is a ton of data--there are thousands of shots per match, moving very quickly. But that quantity of data makes it easier to see larger patterns, like where shots tend to land or where they had the most impact.
Check out a video of how the visualization was made below:

[via Infosthetics]


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