Sunday, May 5, 2013

Honda NSX Hybrid Supercar Available For Pre-Order In UK

Honda NSX Hybrid Supercar Available For Pre-Order In UK:

Want to be one of the first to own the new Honda NSX Hybrid Supercar? Well, if you live in the UK and are willing to make a deposit, then you can. Unfortunately, you will have to wait two years to receive your NXS Hybrid Supercar.
Honda NSX
Honda UK has opened a pre-order bank for the NSX, despite the fact that it is not due to hit the showrooms until 2015. For a mere deposit of £5,000 (around $7,600), potential owners can secure one of these hot supercars. Phil Crossman, Managing Director of Honda (UK), said:
We are really pleased with the interest we’ve already seen for the new NSX. We are still two years away from the launch of the car and yet we’ve received over 20 deposits and that’s before we’ve even announced prices or seen the final production car.
With this process in place we are confident demand will remain strong and early hand raisers can now visit any Honda dealership in the UK and place a deposit.”
Since its first debut at the Detroit Motor Show in 2012, the Honda NSX has created a lot of buzz from Honda NSX fans and auto enthusiasts alike. While keeping the new Honda NSX consistent with the original NSX version — a low and wide stance with dynamic proportions highlighted by clean, modern and simple surfacing; and edgy details that communicate supercar attitude.
Honda NSX

As for the interior, Honda placed emphasis on minimising clutter, allowing the driver to focus on the driving experience using an intuitive “Simple Sports Interface” that creates a synergy between man and machine.
The Honda NSX will be powered by a mid-mounted, direct-injected V6 petrol engine driving the rear wheels, while a pair of electric motors supply power to the fronts. The system is dubbed Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive).
The two Electric Motor Drive Units on the front end will be equipped with a bilateral torque adjustable control system, so the new hybrid all-wheel-drive system can instantly generate negative or positive torque to the front wheels during cornering,
The new Honda NSX will be manufactured at a new production facility in central Ohio, USA.
NSX Concept
This is not the first time Honda has taken pre-orders. The previous Honda NSX saw 25 pre-orders taken a year ahead of its UK launch.
The first-generation Honda NSX was launched in 1990 and spent 15 years in production, selling 18,000 units globally, with 290 of those finding homes in the UK.
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