Thursday, April 18, 2013

See the World Differently: Filters for Color Blindness, Dog Vision, Comic Book Effects

See the World Differently: Filters for Color Blindness, Dog Vision, Comic Book Effects:
I love dogs; they are the best. I find that they are suitable not only as companions, but as friends and confidants. That said, as much as I might anthropomorphize them, I do genuinely wish I could see the world in their eyes. Now, with Wolfram|Alpha, I can—and so can you.
Agatha with her puppies
That’s Agatha with her puppies. She is my friend. Agatha has a propensity to play in the garden, and one of her favorite things—seriously, it is so cute—is to wrestle a ladybug off a plant and onto her nose. What does a ladybug look like to Agatha?
apply dog vision to image of a lady bug
It’s like a more blurry, less distinguished version of what we see. It’s a good thing that dogs have noses that are far more sensitive than humans’, huh?
I’ve always wanted to go to Ecuador with Agatha, in part because I understand the country itself is beautiful, but really it’s because I have a fascination with mountain tapirs. They are the sort of animal that isn’t really a dog, goat, or elephant, but sort of wishes it was all of them at the same time. How would Agatha see a mountain tapir compared to how I do?
apply dog vision to image of a mountain tapir
Fascinating stuff, right?
Outside of dreaming of worldly adventures, I force Agatha to listen to a lot of Lady Gaga. My fondness of her is not necessarily a reflection of Wolfram|Alpha as a company, although certainly it appears to be a mainstream view that Lady Gaga has a comical edge about her—the edge of glory. So this is what she would look like if she were in a comic book:
apply comics effect to image of lady gaga
Speaking of Lady Gaga listeners, my friend and coworker Keith suffers from red-green color blindness. I literally have no idea what that must be like. So let’s find out what it’s like, using an image of a traffic light for comparison.
red-green color blindness to image of a traffic light
Using Wolfram|Alpha, you can analyze images (including those from a URL) to see how dogs see the world, what it’s like to be red-green color blind, how something would look in a comic strip, and more. Importantly, you can even see how a dog might see the world of mathematics:
apply dog vision to a sin wave

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