Friday, March 1, 2013

Eglin Marines fly first F-35B post-grounding sorties

Eglin Marines fly first F-35B post-grounding sorties:
US Marine Corps pilots at Eglin AFB, Florida, led by 33rd Fighter Wing vice-commander Col Arthur Tomassetti flew four sorties with their Lockheed Martin F-35B short take-off vertical landing variant of the Joint Strike Fighter. Meanwhile, US Air Force's first "official" batch of F-35 student (this is a relative term, the students are elite handpicked operational test and evaluation aviators) pilots have started the taxi portion of their transition course. These photos were taken by the USAF's ever efficient Major Karen Roganov at the 33rd Fighter Wing.F-35B_first_flight_post_suspension_-_VMFAT-501_at_Eglin-v2.jpgF-35B_first_flight_post_suspension-hot_brake_check-_VMFAT-501_at_Eglinv2.jpgF-35B_first_flight_post_suspension-Col_Tomassetti-VMFAT-501-v2.jpgThis here is Lt Col Benjamin Bishop, who will be flying with the USAF's elite 422rd Test and Evaluation Squadron at Nellis AFB, Nevada, once he finishes up with the F-35 transition course.F-35A_1st_official_F-35A_student_pilot_taxi_-_AF_LTC_Benjamin_Bishop_422_TES_tdy_at_Eglin's_33d_FW-Maj_Matt_Johnson_at_dignostics-v2.jpg

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