Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bombardier investors’ day: CSeries focus

Bombardier investors’ day: CSeries focus:
We’re pretty tired of the Boeing 787 stuff, but it’s a story that simply is a daily occurrence. So it’s with some relief we have something else to talk about today.
Bombardier held an investors’ day today (March 21). Here are some links and documents. The day was for all of Bombardier, but we’re just focusing on Aerospace.
Aviation Week has this article from the March 7 CSeries “reveal.”
Here’s a link to a 43 page PDF (PPT) presentation about the Aerospace division. This includes Business Aircraft and the entire commercial line.
One graph shows the current line-up of single-aisle aircraft (click to enlarge):
BBD has been under cash flow and stock price pressure in recent years, and terms this year as a “turning point.” The first flight of the CS100 is scheduled for June; officials say the end of June but we believe they will move heaven and earth to have the plane flying by the Paris Air Show mid-month.
BBD hopes to have power-on for the CS100 Flight Test Vehicle 1 (FTV 1) this week or next. Fly-by-wire testing has been underway this week.
At the investors’ day, Ben Boehm, VP Strategy and Business Development, said much of the up-gauging we’re seeing in aircraft selection today is in the 150-210 seat segment. Within the 100-149 seat sector, Boehm says BBD has yet to lose a competition to Airbus or Boeing.
Philippe Poutissou, VP Marketing, said that as an airline gets to 20 or 30 aircraft, fleet commonality benefits diminish. The biggest aircraft is the benefit of pooling and spares. “As you get into the 20s, 30s and 40s, the incremental benefit of commonality gets quite small.”

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